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‘‘ It's so easy to meet guys who are on the same page as me, love this site!’’ - Maria, 28
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What's great about our site is that there isn't much room for misinterpretation; both parties usually are looking for the same thing. This is great because it's hard trying to get into someone's mind to figure out what they're looking for, half of that battle is already done for you simply by them being a member of our site. Everyone on our site is looking for something direct and simple, because of this the traditional procedure of men approaching women isn't any longer the necessary practice - many women on our site will reach out to introduce themselves to men that they like or are interested in. It may sound too good to be true but we're all humans and have the same needs and desires so expect women not to be as reserved on our site as you might normally expect, from recent reviews we know that frequently there are women seeking men on our site:

"I'm normally quite shy when it comes to meeting or speaking to women, I knew it would be a bit easier to do it online but when I joined EasySlags I had women contacting me within the first day. I'm very happy with the results so far." - Dylan, 33

Tips For Women Seeking Men

For all the single ladies who want to meet someone fast, it can be intimidating reaching out to guys but remember that everyone's here for the same reason. If you think about it from their side for a moment you'll realize that any communication from you will be a welcome site to their eyes as they're here to make things happen fast as well. In our largely liberated world most western women are beginning to take the reins and not simply wait for men to approach them, our site is very balanced in this way through it's nature (where both parties want the same results), so if you like the look of someone and want to meet them up or just get to know them a bit more than go and start a chat or send them a message.

Why It's More Common On Our Site

It's understandable why women don't often come up and approach you at a bar or nightclub, other women can be very judgemental of one another - get many in the same room as one another and it's not long before they start to label one another. It's not easy for women to go up and speak to men without inflicting dirty looks and being the subject of idle chatter, it's understandable that they aren't going to bring so much negative attention to themselves just to talk to someone that they simply like the look of. Our site creates an area without judgement, allowing people to do what they want without being hindered by unreasonable social pressures.