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‘‘ It's so easy to meet guys who are on the same page as me, love this site!’’ - Maria, 28
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It All Starts With You

We know what you're looking for, we're here to make it happen without a fuss. Our role is to support you in your search for fast and easy dating, on our site you'll meet others who have the same desires as you do. Whether you want to date and work towards a goal or just jump straight to getting under the sheets then this is the place to be. Our commitment is to the satisfaction of our online community, we know there are lots of needs and desires which, in everyday life, are not always met. We are proud to support all our members in their pursuit of easy dating.

Our Purpose

Often times dates can end in failure just because people are not willing to put themselves out there and say what’s on their mind or test the waters. Too often the man is too shy or not willing to risk trying to invite her back to his place at the end of the night, or the girl is so caught up in social standards that she won’t act on her desires. From all of these pressures comes the inability to property communicate something as simple as what you want. EasySlags is here to correct this, difficult to cross, barrier of communication and get everyone on the same page. We're proud to call ourselves EasySlags, as what it mean is simply someone who knows what they want, and isn't afraid to break the mould and follow their own path to achieve their desires. Our mission is to help you succeed in this, don't miss out on connections – join us today and get what you’re after.

Why The Name EasySlags

We created the name easyslags for multiple reasons but mainly because we don't feel that it should have a negative connotation. Many women who have joined our site express to us how much they enjoy meeting the people who are part of our community. We've come to see that many women don't mind seeing themselves by this term, and why should they? Why should women feel bad for following their desires? We all have them. There is the need to judge in our society in order to push people into what society wants, but we can't allow it to succeed completely otherwise there would be no room for our own individuality. We believe that easyslags is a place for the individual to be the individual and a place for many women to feel liberated without the guilt which society constantly tries to push forward.